Super Fudgy Brownies 

My cousin Beth believes that dessert is not worth having if it’s not chocolate. She would LOVE these brownies. 

I more often crave gummi bears than chocolate, but I also love these brownies. They are dense and fudgy, with a layer of frosting you put in while the brownies are still warm, which lets some of the frosting absorb into the brownies. They are next-level chocolate. 

I used to just “jazz up” boxed brownie mixes, but since I discovered this recipe, by Shelly over at Cookies and Cups, those days are behind me. These are just as easy, and you can control what goes into them. Shelly’s recipe doesn’t call for dark chocolate cocoa powder, but that’s what I had, and that’s what made this batch ultra dark. The recipe is so good, even the dark cocoa produces a moist and delicious (and not bitter) brownie. 

Try them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. You’ll thank me later. 


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