Fairy Bread Cookies and an Embarassment of Sprinkles 

Once upon a time, my brother-in-law informed me that there are two types people in this world: those who like sprinkles and those who don’t. 

I fall firmly and forever in the first category. They’re so happy. I want them everywhere. Rainbow sprinkles, rainbow non-perils, white non-perils on white frosting. They can be over the top unicorn and rainbows or understated tonal. Either way, I am 100% pro-sprinkle. I’m not even sure we can be friends if you don’t like sprinkles. I’ll have to think about it. 

I’m also a sucker for sugar cookies, upon which I like …you guessed it: sprinkles. So when I saw Shelly from my very favorite baking blog, Cookies and Cups, post this recipe for Fairy Bread Cookies, it was a no brainer. Look at these gorgeous things. 

The cookies are easy to make and come out as kind of a sugar cookie-shortbread hybrid. They’re not overly sweet, which is good because you slather the top with vanilla buttercream and then load them up with an embarassment of sprinkles. Yay!! 

Shelly tells the story behind Fairy Bread. All I know is that these cookies definitely made my wishes come true. 


One thought on “Fairy Bread Cookies and an Embarassment of Sprinkles 

  1. I love sugar cookies and I am certainly one to fall into the first kinds of people: I really like Rainbow Sprinkles. They just give whatever your adding them to life & automatically makes it “fun”.

    ~ Bree

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